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Moti was my Senior Capstone Project. I created a proposal, conducted relevant research, structured a timeline for execution, and designed a well-crafted solution. My Capstone project demonstrated a designed system framed around a problem of my choosing, and leveraged some insights from my UA project and expanded it with systems thinking. My final deliverables included a branding system, UI screens, a process book, and a video. Our Capstone projects were also displayed in a showcase on the Design Campus of NC State. 

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I began this project by researching different motivational techniques. Taking my findings from studies, interviews, and observations I found six main techniques or tools that could be used to motivate users within a fitness app. I utilized my research findings to drive the creation of my final solution.

Problem statement

Young, physically active people want to push themselves to improve each workout, but lack the motivation to achieve this goal. How can Moti expand motivational techniques to help users improve their workout routines and push themselves to reach higher fitness goals?

Logo Sketches
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Final logo
Artboard Copy.png
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The idea behind Moti is simple: you input the distance you want to run, and Moti tracks the time it takes you to run that distance. If you want to run with friends, Moti compares your time with everyone else's time. Whoever reaches the set distance first wins!​

Group 36.png
Group 37.png
Group 33.png

You can also choose to run with Moti. Select the distance and pace you want, and begin! Moti will run that distance as your desired pace, and encourage you to keep up.

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Group 32.png
Group 16.png
Group 34.png

Based on your stats, Moti shows everyone's average pace and encourages you to train up to increase your time before your next group run.


You can also earn badges and rewards for different accomplishments.

Taking my research findings, I created Moti, a fitness running app that focuses on increasing motivation through competition. This is translated into a live workout tracking system that allows competition in real time, as well as other virtual workout options. ​

Final designs
What is Moti?
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