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About the project

This was a branding and identity project. The goal of this project was to create a business or other entity, and craft the branding and identity across several applications including the logo marks, typography, a style manual, stationery, as well as other appropriate applications that fit the business. I created an outdoor adventuring business that offers outdoor group activities and tours that focuses on being accessible to people of any experience level.

Searching for a logo

I explored many different options for a logo, and I had several goals I was trying to achieve. The goal was to create something that had a natural feeling, while also "feeling" accessible to people of any experience level. I also needed to create a main logo, with three sub-logos for the three locations that my company would exist at. Lastly, I wanted to avoid creating a brand that looked too rugged or like an extreme outdoor company.

The brand

I eventually landed on a simple main logo, with three more complex sub-logos. During my ideation process, I focused on the idea of the compass and how it connected to the idea of being able to choose the direction you wanted to go. I felt that this idea aligned with the idea of Boundless, and how this company was centered on people being able to choose their own experience in nature, whether that was more intense or relaxing.

boundless_main logo.png
ivory-off-white-paper-texture copy copy.
ivory-off-white-paper-texture copy2.jpg
business cards image.jpg

Each of the cities where Boundless is located has it's own website. People can use the website to search for different outdoor activities, read posts by other users, and shop the Boundless Store. Outdoor adventures have an experience level indicator, so users of any expertise can sign up for activities that they feel comfortable with. There are also adventures that are guided by a expert Boundless employees, as well as listed trails and activities that users can attempt on their own.

Boundless other Home.jpg
Boundless Home_Full.jpg
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