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Terra Flora is a gardening company that sought to educate people on the benefits to themselves and the environment that come from sustainable gardening by providing them with the knowledge and tools to accomplish this, as well as building communities around the concept and creation of sustainable gardens.

This was a nine week project done in collaboration with Nicole Procter and Courtney Banning. Our team created a company and designed the branding, as well as created personas and other touch points including events, a website, and advertising. My tasks for this project included the app and website design, building prototypes, as well as a final video about our company.


The Terra Flora website is a platform for users to learn about sustainable gardening and Terra Flora, design and buy garden kits, and provide a place where users can access their personal garden information and connect to the larger gardening community.


The Terra Flora app gives the user personalized and quick access to their individual garden reminders to better care for their garden, as well as offering another connection to the gardening community forum. The home screen dashboard gives the user a fast view of their recent activity and any garden care reminders.


A short informational video created about the company Terra Flora, it's mission, and the different touch points, created with Adobe After Effects.

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